OCT 16 - 31, 2003




by John S. Ashton

OCTOBER 27, 2003 – Here’s a question for you:  who do you think the commentators on FOX News deemed the winner of the Democratic presidential candidate debate they hosted last night?

Better yet, raise your hand if you believe there was any chance that, immediately following the debate, the FOX News commentators were going to say that any of the candidates who participated showed they were capable of beating George W. Bush?

I see nine hands standing up, and those are all of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

You see, morons, FOX News is a station that exists wholly to deride all of you and ensure that George W. Bush and other Bush/Limbaugh brand “blame and lie” Republicans win office after office after office.

And the reason FOX News has hosted not one, but two debates of you nine idiots is because they are using you to get Democrats to watch their station – the station they will then use to try and convince these Democrats that you are all worthless and pathetic and George W. Bush is inevitable for re-election.

It would be one thing if a single one of you either naïve or ballless morons took the opportunity to confront FOX News head-on while you were given the rarest of opportunities, airtime on the right-wing puppet media during which there are no bullying hosts to talk over you .

How about when one of the questioners posed the standard right-wing talk radio nonsense, “To repeal the Bush tax cuts, is that a tax hike on those who’ve seen a reduction?”   Anyone with a brain knows that is not a useful question.  It is not even an actual question.  A question would try to find out something, such as if the questioner was unsure about whether or not a candidate wanted to repeal the President’s massive tax cuts.  But the questioner already knew the answer, and was simply inserting right-wing nonsense and attempting to steer one of these imbecilic Democrats into a lose-lose situation.

There, in fact, could only be one useful response to such a question, which gave a perfect opportunity to show that these candidates realize that the biggest problem they face is the right-wing domination of the media:  “Well,” a useful candidate would have said, “it depends.  If you watch a right-wing puppet station like the one hosting this debate, FOX News, it will be called a tax hike.  If you listen to AM radio, also right-wing puppet, all of it, they will call it a tax hike.  If you read the Washington Times, NY Post, Philadelphia Enquirer or any of the other right-wing puppet papers, they will call it a tax hike.  Even more, if you watch ABC, NBC, or any major corporate news source, they will echo the right-wing propaganda put out there by FOX News , AM radio, and the right-wing puppet papers, and so ask the stupid, useless question you just asked.  When the reality is that no useful person cares what stupid label it is given, they care about what is best for America.   And if rolling back the tax hikes is what is best, that is what is important, not some stupid label right-wing-owned-and-operated puppets like yourself are told to put out there again and again to shift focus from the fact that the President has destroyed the economy.”

Which candidate gave that response?  Of course none, but wait, it gets even better.

FOX News took an entire segment of the debate – as they had during the last debate they hosted – to echo the AM radio, grade-school level diversionary line about each of the candidates.  In their standard practice of making slanted lies sound like unbiased, everyman commentary, they called this segment, “the conventional wisdom round.”  Pretty nice, huh?  Just saying, in their usual “fair and balanced way” what they claim is what most people think about them – and, of course, all of it turned out to be insulting slams.

One by one, the questioners confronted the candidates with what was the supposed “rap” on them.  And one by one, the candidates played along in their roles as wusses in this right-wing game by not attacking the question but, instead, giving their usual, at times self-deprecating, defensive answers.

Not one!  Not a single one, when told, “The rap on you is that you are a Northeastern, liberal elitist and that you have some problem connecting with people.  How do you dispel that notion,” had anything witty or counterattacking to say, such as, “I simply tell them to stop listening to right-wing puppet stations like FOX News.”  Again, it was another perfect opportunity for each of the candidates to take on the biggest problem facing them and the host that was just waiting until they stopped talking to get back to slamming them and pushing President Bush’s re-election.

When Gephardt was asked, “You ran for president in 1988.  (This time), a lot of (unions) appear to be hanging back (from supporting you.)  Has your moment passed?” or Edwards was told, “You’re a trial lawyer and, therefore, you’re supposed to be compromised by that somehow,” did they respond by saying, “I didn’t know ‘conventional wisdom’ really meant right-wing propaganda,” or asking, “Well, first let me ask you, what do you consider the conventional wisdom is about President Bush?”  A line like that would not only have gotten huge applause, but put the FOX-owned-and-operated questioner in a position where she would have to either give a solid line of criticism of President Bush, or, if she refused, make clear she is just Democrat-bashing, launching right-wing attacks on all of them loosely disguised as a basic “common wisdom” dispelling opportunity.

None of this happened.

At one point Lieberman was even given a great opening when one of the questioners made a joke about Rush Limbaugh being in rehab.


Dean at one point showed he knows that the media is the issue.  In his closing statement he said, “We have the power to take back the USA so our flag is not owned by John Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, and Jerry Falwell.”  A very good remark that shows at least one of the candidates is aware the issue is not just George Bush, and that to win the election, they must take on exactly the trilogy of opponents Howard Dean delineated:  the Bush administration, the right-wing puppet media, and the evangelical religious ultra-right.

However, leaving that point for one mere sentence in his final question, while for the rest of the debate going along with the façade that this debate was anything other than a ploy by FOX News to sucker independents and Democrats over to watch their station so they can bash all of these candidates as soon as the debate is over – and for the next year after that until election day – shows that none of these candidates get it yet.  Not a single one gets the fact that if they do not make taking on the right-wing domination of the media a top priority, they can not and will not win.  In fact, if they don’t lead the charge, not only will George W. Bush win re-election, not only will he win it by a landslide, but Bush-brand Republicans will sweep into even greater control of both houses of Congress.

But the Democrats wanted to sit and respond about the same stupid questions about the tax cut, the war in Iraq – everyone who cares about issues already knows where you stand on these things, and people who don’t care to look into things only care about what persona you put out there and what stupid charges are put out there by the right-wing media and echoed by the rest of the press.

No, there was nothing to gain by participating in last night’s FOX News-sponsored debate.  Not by answering the questions and attacking each other about policies.  The only way any candidate should have agreed to debate for a right-wing puppet station like FOX was if they were going to turn the tables and use the forum to point out to FOX viewers what a sham their station is.  Of course, none did.

None of the Democratic candidates get it yet, and so it seems likely George W. Bush will be easily re-elected, no matter how badly things go with Iraq or the economy.  Debates are not a quiz, where you get points based on giving the best answers with the most statistics and soundest policies.  No, as Arnold Schwarzenegger just showed out in California, you can win by a landslide even without any statistics or actual policies.  But one thing is required:  a strategy.

Responding like drones to endless repetitions of the same questions is not a strategy.  Allowing the right-wing puppet media to play a game, using you as the pawns, is not a good strategy.  All of these people try to tell us they would have a better plan for Iraq, but really, if they can’t even come up with a useful plan for an obviously booby-trapped debate, how could they possibly come up with a useful plan for a war?

To answer the question posed at the beginning of the article, the commentators unanimously chose Dean as the winner among the Democrats, and then immediately shifted to saying how stupid the Democrats – especially war-opposing Dean – are, because they don’t get that people support the war.  The war is so popular.  And so President Bush will have a cakewalk against any one of these candidates.

Wow, what a surprise ending.  FOX News chose George W. Bush as the winner of the Democratic presidential candidate debate.  Imagine what else the people you Democrats lured over to FOX News will hear as they watch the station in the future.





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